“Peace of mind + quality = AIR/IVV Service”



When you hire multiple companies for similar work, you get different outputs.

Your AML program is required to conduct an Independent Review, and with increased regulatory pressure, a Model Validation annually. While hiring different companies, you may increase your ability to evaluate the pieces independently, but you could lose consistency and an effective methodology done equally on both.

ARC Risk and Compliance has the team that’s perfect to assess your AML program and software, independently and together, to give you a better product.

As experts in AML, we know what to look for when conducting an Annual Independent Review of your compliance and business needs; however, we also have experts of the technology who can review your AML technology in an Independent Verification and Validation – whether that’s an automated system or excel spreadsheets. Further, by conducting these two projects with the same experts, we’re able to remain consistent in our approach, the depth in which we review and maintain high quality deliverables.

This combination service is offered as a multi-year contract with cost-saving incentive.


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