AML-ology is the study of trends and solutions to AML challenges bank and non-bank financial institutions face today. We believe that the success of an anti-money laundering program depends on communication, and more importantly communication throughout the AML community. It is important to understand how others are handling the day-to-day risk and compliance challenges they’re facing in their organization, and how it might be helpful or translatable to another organization.

AML-ology promotes this community involvement by providing newsletters, written by a variety of thought leaders in the industry, and conducts surveys of and for AML dedicated professionals. Our largest complaint with many newsletters is that they often focus on the challenge rather than the solution. So we created a monthly newsletter to focus on the solution to an AML hot topic. Likewise we wanted to conduct a survey that would be helpful to and give back to the community so our quarterly survey is designed to be just that.

Here you will find some helpful articles combining the latest news and regulation and thought leadership written by our AML subject matter experts or featured contributors and industry surveys that we’ve conducted to learn more about what organizations are doing on a daily basis. If you find that there is something you would like to know more about, but do not see it listed, please email us!

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