“To get what you want, you must know what you need”

Do you know what questions to ask? Based on your business requirements documentation and functional design documentation, what are your minimum requirements for an anti-money laundering software?

Before you choose an anti-money laundering software, which software are you looking for: BSA, OFAC, CDD/KYC and/or 314(a)? Do you know what features you need, which you would like to have, and which are too much?

For most of the major AML software programs, we have RFI/RFP templates that you save time and money.

With more than a decade of experience in the AML industry, we have educated ourselves on the major software vendors, their features and functionalities. We know the programs, and after we review your business requirements documentation (BRD) and functional requirements documentation (FRD), we’ll know what questions you should be asking. An effective RFI/RFP process should include a number of vendors, with a number of possibilities, all with your peace of mind as the goal in the end.


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