ARC Test Manager™ Software

"Testing is a necessary step to success"

ARC Test ManagerThe purpose of testing is to validate that what was presented and what was delivered is the same. Testing is generally broken down into two types: event testing and monitoring, such as random sampling or on-going monitoring. Because of the regulatory requirements testing is conducted in different departments for different purposes. In IT you're focusing on software, meanwhile in Audit and Compliance you're focused validating the continued accuracy and adherence to the policy and procedures.

Over the years we realized that a change was needed in the way testing is done in the industry.

As a result, ARC Risk and Compliance has created a comprehensive testing software solution called ARC Test Manager™. This software provides a structured creation, workflow, storage and reporting on test cases. By centralizing testing, it allows multiple users to test simultaneously and maintain organization in oversight.

Key Features of ARC Test Manager

Key Features of ARC Test Manager™ include:

  • Pre-built System Templates are provided for the most common test plans.
  • Users can create User Templates of test plans and test cases for reuse at a later date.
  • Easy to use query / filtering provides Metrics and Reporting on any aspect of the system, including test plan and test results documentation.
  • It uses a SQL Database, which is designed to work with the free version of SQL Express or SQL Standard Edition, and it utilizes browser based technology.

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