“Only a specialist can recognize another specialist”

A significant challenge for financial institutions is recruiting highly specialized individuals to fill a specific position.

To find qualified anti-money laundering (AML) subject matter experts (SME’s) that meet the required skill sets is an ongoing challenge. General staffing firms do not understand the needs of the client sufficiently to find and place AML SME’s in this industry.Nor do they maintain current lists of specialized SME’s that financial institutions require.

ARC Risk and Compliance truly understands the pressure on the AML industry so we provide qualified SMEs for you.

The reason ARC Risk and Compliance can provide top quality AML SMEs is quite simply because we are experts in the industry. Whether you most often need to locate quickly specialized SMEs for project work as a 1099 or direct hire W-2 positions, ARC Risk and Compliance will pre-screen candidates against your job specifications and provide you with targeted candidates to cut out wasted time you otherwise would spend reading through resumes and interviewing candidates that don’t meet your needs.

Our expertise is focused on our two primary goals: first, we send you only qualified candidates so you can select the best of the best for each position, and then we help you close the deal. We go the extra mile to assist in scheduling interviews and following up with the candidates and your recruiters to help maximize your placement rate of the candidates you decide to offer a position.


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