“You have nothing without Testing”

Do you make a plan on how and what you will test?

Do you need a schedule of when to test? We’ve seen that testing is often not planned, executed or documented well. Various levels/quality of testing should be conducted during implementations, upgrades, procedure changes and annual reviews; however, senior management does not have a view into this testing process to ensure it is managed to expectations.

ARC Risk and Compliance saw that there was a need for change in the way testing was done in the industry so we created an innovative testing methodology.

ARC Risk and Compliance has defined a regimented testing process that ensures success. We document and provide support for various types of specialized anti-money laundering (AML) technology testing.

  • ŸUnit Testing: Typically used to test a new or changed interface, or a technical feature.
  • System Integration Testing: This test is designed to ensure multiple technical functions work together from end-to-end.
  • Ÿ Regression Testing: When upgrading your software, your organization needs to ensure that your software’s existing features continue to function as they did before the upgrade.
  • Ÿ User Acceptance Testing: This test is intended to allow the users to ensure the new orupgraded software meets the business requirements and functions the way they want it towhen in production.

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