“Lack of tuning is risky and costly”

The financial industry is responsible for trillions of dollars in assets that its clients have entrusted it to manage properly and is governed by strict
compliance regulations.

Peace of mind and work load is the same as risk and cost. How confident are you that your AML/OFAC parameters are not over or under tuned? As risk, regulations and technology change, so should your parameters. Tuning is an evolving process that should be conducted annually.

ARC Risk and Compliance has a clear methodology for tuning and false positive remediation projects.

We believe that tuning is a critical part of staying compliant and balancing your workload. Our methodology incorporates a mathematical approach to determining the proper thresholds for your financial institution with a scientific report demonstrating our findings.

Our key benefits include:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Potentially reduced workload
  • More effective monitoring and filtering


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