“Compliance is not an option”

Have you recently been through a regulatory review or an internal audit? What were there findings?

Did they identify areas that need improvement? What were their  recommendations? Are you required to present an action plan and timeline? Did you have a poor exit interview or receive MIAs, MRIAs, MOU or C&D? What is your plan, how will you approach it, and can it be accomplish in the timeframe outlined? What are your options?

ARC Risk and Compliance has a proven track record of supporting many institutions through these events with guidance and a clear plan of action.

The process includes management reporting, remediation items tracking, and consultation on resolution. ARC Risk and Compliance supports developing a process plan to achieve a targeted vision. Depending on regulatory issues or findings the artifacts could include project plans, methodology documents, policies, procedures, analysis work papers, mapping, configuration updates, and testing documents.

Remediation services could also include a combination of our services, such as a false positive exercise, product training, testing, statistical data analysis, data mining and more.


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