We are “The AML Specialists”

What does that mean?

That means we have hired, trained, and dedicated our team to AML compliance, including BSA/transaction monitoring, OFAC/sanctions screening, KYC/CDD/EDD, and 314(a). That also means that 100% of the projects we complete each year are done in AML compliance. Not every consulting company can say that. We believe that AML compliance is important enough and receives enough scrutiny from the regulators to dedicate and specialize our team so that we’re not distracted by other types of compliance.

The uniqueness of our specialized AML consulting services lies in the fact that we bridge the gap between IT and compliance. We can speak to IT, understand how the technology works, what its limitations might be, and ways we can work through that; and we can speak to compliance, understand the regulations and guidance, and why that’s all important to your AML program. Further, our team comes with a deep understanding of AML compliance and the technology often with a minimum of 15 years experience. Our team is comprised of former regulators, BSA Officers, technology officers, and project managers.

Our consulting services include two types of services, regulatory compliance and technical, however, all of our services take a three pronged approach. We believe we stand better and taller when there are three legs supporting us. For our clients, that means they get a dedicated project manger, a compliance expert, and a technical expert regardless the type of project we’re hired to complete. No matter what – the software must support the compliance program, and the compliance program must understand what the software is capable of doing.

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